Landscape Maintenance

Bush & Small Tree Pruning


Southern Creations Landscaping specializes in many different types of pruning from precise hand pruning for your perennials, topiaries, focal plants and for your more natural-looking landscapes. We can shape your bushes with a machine for a more formal and tighter appearance. The reason we prune back perennial plants is to generate more flowering and to get rid of old-growth. We can also asses if you have any low lying limbs hanging down that need out of your walking areas. You will see regularly Maintaining the plants around your property will ensure healthier plants and more blooms, along with the aesthetics of your property. We will also look after disease and insect problems that may arise. We can offer you this service in a monthly program, seasonal, or just one time clean up. We will give you the different program options that work best for your property to make sure your bushes and small trees are the best on the street. Along with that we also provide seasonal fertilization on blooming plants to give them that extra juice through the season to bloom more vibrant and fuller longer. You may think that summer and spring are the only time’s shrubs and small trees could be pruned but I promise you can see us around all year long working on your property prepping for spring or winter by fertilizing in the spring and covering some up some of the tender perennials in the winter. We are sure you are wanting your property looking its best from one year to the next as much as we do this is what we are doing here at Southern Creations with our passion every time we come out to your property ensuring you that you can rely on us for those needs.


Here at Southern Creations we put passion and pride into all of our work and hope that when it comes to choosing a landscaper that it will be us every time it comes to pruning and trimming your small trees.



Annual Beds

Seasons change, so should the color in your flower pots around your property, and flower beds in your landscape. If we come out to take care of your flower pots or flower beds, we ensure to make them explode with a fountain of color. Here at Southern Creations, we make sure to plant with high-quality flowers with included unique designed flower beds and pots around your property with different color verity and textures. We also make sure to add a slow-release fertilizer to help the new flowers to grow big, in addition to adding new planting soil to help with moisture and plant growth, and pine bark mini nuggets to also help with the moisture, and weed control. This service is also part of our monthly program which would include fertilization monthly of those annuals, but we can do this seasonally or one-time planting you get to decide which colors and plants you would love and we plant and would take care of them for you. 



Weed Control

southern creations landscaping

Tired of the weeds around the house overgrowing your plants? Southern Creations Landscaping can take care of that problem for you. Offering monthly program options. We would pull all the weeds by hand around plants ensuring that the plants don’t have weeds inside of them too, those pesky weeds will hide inside a plant and go unnoticed until it starts choking them out. In addition to pulling we would knock down any big weeds then spray them. We can also add preventative weed control in the spring to help prevent weeds in your beds in the summer months. You can schedule us to come out weekly or monthly to keep your property under control of weed problems and keep your place looking at its best.




southern creations landscapingSouthern Creations Landscaping also offers different types of mulch Hardwood, Pine bark, pine bark mulch. The most used are the Red, black or brown dyed. Mulch adds color and helps with weed prevention. It also helps retain moisture around plants on those hot days. When we put out mulch on your property we make sure that we put a nice layer down of 3 to inches, but if you think that you have too much mulch in your beds we can suggest other options for your property.







southern creations landscaping

Southern Creations Landscaping offer different rock options from Tennessee river rock which come in different sizes from small pea gravel to football size. We also offer boulder size Tennessee rocks. If you are looking for red-colored rocks we offer lava rocks and brick chips. We also have white-colored rocks which are pea gravel size or silver dollar size. If you are looking for a rock to use as a stepping stone we offer several different colors in slate to use or Tennessee rock cut into a stepping stone or a stair stepper.




Pine Needles

Southern Creations Landscaping can deliver or install pine needles on your property it will add a natural look but also help with weed prevention, in some places it will help with those areas on hills that just has too much mulch or mulch won’t hold onto. Pine needles are good for those areas that have lots of trees because they are easy to use for covering leaves up from the fall or to make your woods look more clean and opened.








We proudly provide Landscape services in Maiden, Hickory, Denver, Sherrills Ford, NC or Lincoln and Catawba counties.

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