Landscape Installs

Landscape Installs


Are you looking for new landscape installs?

The first thing we do when you want a new landscape installation is to come out and evaluate your property taking measurements and assessing areas that you would like landscaped. We then discuss with you the different landscape product options that are available including pictures of some of the plant variety and sizes that grow best around your property, different types of rock, mulch, or pine needles. After that, we design a 3d or 2d landscape to match your personality and needs. After the design processes, we work on planning a schedule to come out to begin the work with a contract that will give in detail all the work agreed on ,and step by step how it will be done including what product will be used to ensure everything is what you want.

When we start our work we make sure to bring organic planting soil to into your beds to ensure that whatever we are planting has all the essentials it needs. We also can include a small drip line so the worries of watering all your plants are gone it can be attached to your water spigot with a timer. The way the drip line works is it has small emitters on each side of the plant that slowly drips around the root ball then we would be cover that with either mulch, pine needles or rock.

After all the work is done we will discuss with you either a monthly maintenance program that would warranty all the plants we planted or educate you on how to maintain the new plants on your own. If you are in need of any landscape services from new landscape designs that include new plants, sod, trees, and hardscapes or moved into a new house or a new property and just don’t like the landscape we can take it out and start over or just renovate an old landscape to bring it back to life. Also, we make sure to bring lots color and uniqueness into your property to make it a one of a kind landscape.

 If it is your yard not the landscape and needs some professional help with sod or over-seeding call us to come out to asses your lawn and sow new grass or have an instantly beautiful lawn with our different varieties of sod.We offer monthly yard maintenance program for your yard to. Here at Southern Creations, we are here to help you step by step get your new landscape or lawn project knocked off of your list and able to enjoy. We are a company you can come to trust and rely on year after year.

We proudly provide Landscape services in Maiden, Hickory, Denver, Sherrills Ford, NC or Lincoln and Catawba counties.
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